Dogs 101: Treats and Chews

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Raising a puppy is a tedious job. It requires time and attention in order to keep and grow them into the dog you want them to be, a man’s best friend. It is essential that we know how to take good care of them after all; keeping a dog in the house is adding a member to the family. And as a part of the family means they have their own food, toy and other essentials. Dog treats and chews are both considered to be essentials for the dog.

There are benefits that these treats and chews are given to dogs. Keep in mind of these benefits however; be cautious still in giving it to them.

Benefits of Treats and Chews

Did you know that dogs also suffer from bad breath? In addition, just like humans, bacteria, saliva and food can build up on their teeth causing them to have plaque. Tartar refers to those yellow and brown deposits on the teeth. Moreover, dogs are also affected with toothaches, swollen and bleeding gums. Just because they are dogs doesn’t mean owners just ignore these problems. These would be causes for their loss of appetite, lost tooth, and sometimes, when diseased gum causing bacteria gets into the bloodstream, can damage the organ. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional to clean the dog; else, brushing their teeth can maintain good oral health. Otherwise, this is where dog treats and chews come in.

Oral Health Improved. Whenever dogs actively chew on something, it immediately reduces the building of plaque. Some available treats can reduce the formation of plaque to about 70%. It is through the simple chewing of the treat or chew can reduce tartar and plaque. Owners should becareful in choosing the right treat or chew for the dog.

Bad breath reduced. It is common for a dog to have bad breath. Major reason why dogs have an unpleasant breath is because of the bacteria piling up in the mouth. This would be an obvious sign that the dog would need oral care. Owners may refer to a professional in giving their dogs a clean, else regular brushing of teeth resolve the issue. In addition, treats and chews come in different formulations, and there are some that improves breath.

These treats and chews have different types but the main purpose why these are preferred to be given to dogs is to allow the dogs to reduce its bad breath. Rawhide, biscuits and other treats and chews are some know types of these.

Be very cautious in giving a treat of chew to dogs, some are safe and some are not.

Consider on the perfect match. Treats have to match to the dog’s size. Preference and personality will be taken into consideration. Say for an aggressive dog, it is preferable to choose a treat that is firmer.

Check on the treats. Too much of something is always bad. Give treats and chews in moderation. Giving too much edible treats may be harmful. At any rate, it is preferable to ask the vet.  

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