Top Benefits of Making Your Pet a Loyal Buddy

Pet Buddy
Making friends with fellow humans requires time, patient, and even money sometimes, but if you do it with smart animals to be your pet and friend for a lifetime, all you need is love in providing basic needs yet you are greatly benefited by the returns they can give. You probably know that dogs and cats can help you have a healthy lifestyle and solve whatever problems by simply serving as your companion. If you are not aware of this, then you really should bear it in mind now because your pet can provide you more than what you usually give to him. Specifically, the following are the top benefits of having pet as loyal buddy at home or wherever you go:

Pets are Natural Mood Enhancers

Playing with dogs and cats or watching fishes swim relieves anxiety and stress, and you have nothing to pay for that; all you have to do is spend time to be with them. As noted by experts, this is the case because your body goes through some changes that result to good mood; specifically, the cortisol level which is a hormone associated with stress is lowered. Further, the serotonin production that plays key role in mood setting is increased and the stress is reduced.

Pet Owners Have Lower Blood Pressure

Doing a regular exercise is always possible if you have an active pet that is said to help in maintaining good weight and managing blood pressure. This is noted by one study with over 200 married couples as respondents which revealed that pet owners had lower heart rates and blood pressure during the time of rest than those who do not own one. Another relative research also found out that such is true even in undergoing stressful times, and also noteworthy is that petting cats or dogs had lowered the blood pressure of children with hypertension.

Pets Can Help Fight Depression

Many therapies prescribe a pet to depressed people because it can help in dealing or recovering from such. It is the result when you simply talk with him, walk, play, or whatever you intend to freely do while you are together. This, according to experts, helps you forget any problem, feel better, and think positively for immediate recovery. In simple term, you can easily calm down if you are spending time with your pet that can be the best listener you could ever have.

Dogs and Cats Help Lower Cholesterol

As recommended by doctors, it is necessary to maintain good diet and exercise plus proper medication in order to manage well the cholesterol. However, best to know that the process is made easier by simply owning a pet that can help you avoid the consequences the moment your cholesterol level increased. This is proven true by researchers who noted that triglycerides and cholesterol level among pet owners is lower than those who are not.

Your Pet Can Help in Having a Healthy Heart

One study revealed the long-term benefits on having healthy heart among pet owners. This is the finding after twenty years of research which concluded that 40% of people who owned a cat and also the dog owners have lesser probability of suffering from heart attack. Likewise, it was noted that pet owners have lower risk of developing any kind of cradiac disease that may lead to heart failure.

With these health benefits that dogs and cats can provide, it is really true that your pet can be the best and loyal buddy you can ever have for a lifetime.

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