Grooming Your Precious Companion for a Special Day

Pet Grooming
It is good to see a dog that is neatly groomed and nicely brushed with his fur shining as it bounces back everytime he made a leap. Every pet owner will be very proud cuddling their pets or even holding their harnesses everytime they made a quick stroll on the streets especially when the people are praising about their dress-ups and hair-dos.

It is envious to look at these very beautiful, cuddly and fluffy animals. What are the secrets of these dogs? Every dog lover would do everything to make their pets look good to their eyes or even to others. That is why, good grooming is important to their very precious pets.

The following are some of the grooming steps that you can assure that your four-legged best friend will look more attractive and smells clean the whole day. 
  • Brushing
Frequent brushing is the foundation of every good grooming program especially when you are attending a special occasion like birthdays and weddings. To detangle your dog's long fur, use a slicker brush and take extra care around the ears, between the body and legs, hindquarters, and everywhere that your dog tends to grow matted hair.  Remove any debris that will entangle in the fur and also remove the loose hair from your dog's body. 
  • Bathing
Under normal circumstances, the dogs may be bathed a few times each year. However, the pre-wedding or pre-event bathe will assure that the long-haired dogs is pleasant, well-groomed  and smell clean at the big event. In bathing your dog, bathe him with shampoo that is made exclusively for dogs. Lather gently on the parts that are prone to dirt, specifically legs and stomach. Rinse the dog thoroughly and make sure that all of the soap has rinsed off his body. Keep the water out of the ears or eyes. If the water comes through the ear canal, swab it out using an ear cleaner. 
  • Trimming
To complete your pet's overall grooming, you need to trim those long and sharp toenails. It is very unwelcome in the events when pets have long and sharp claws because they may claw the peoples hosiery and expensive clothing. In trimming, you can also cut out the fur mats that tend to be difficult to brush out. You can trim your dog's fur depending on the image you like him to portray. Trimming those long-haired pets helps them to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene all the time. It may also reduce the risks of health problems such as ticks or fleas and eye infections. When trimming is already done to the fur, give your pet that final brushing to remove trimmed hair.
  • Decorating
Well groomed petDecorating your pets will only be needed when you are attending a party or any special occasion. For festive look and pleasant approach in wedding celebrations, consider the decorations like bows and other accessories for a long-haired dogs. Maltese and other small dog breeds can be presented with ribbons or barrettes holding the tuft of fur to a small ponytail to the top of the dog's head. You can also add ribbons or flower designed accessory to the collar and make sure that it is away from the dog's reach. And lastly, put on your pet's specialized sweater bearing the message “Congratulations” will certainly bring out the smile to the newly weds' faces in their wedding day.

Grooming Pets

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